Getting here is half the fun! 

The Frank Church Wilderness River of No Return was designated as a "primitive" area in 1980. This "primitive" designation limits access to Sulphur Creek Ranch.

This means no wheeled or motorized access! This may be considered exclusive or inclusive...depends on who you like to associate with.

We offer a unique destination in a setting that is unbeatable!


    Option 1: Flying In

Our most popular mode of arrival is flying private aircraft.  Private pilots are welcome to land on our airstrip if they are patronizing our lodge!   Please click here for further information.

Not a pilot? Even better! Charter Flights are also available. Here are some our  recommended service providers from multiple locations in Idaho:

Click here to see footage of the journey by air from Boise!


    Option 2: Riding In

Experience the Frank Church Wilderness as "the horse sees it"! The second route is to ride in from the Middle Fork of the Salmon River Trailhead on horseback. Guests may park at the trailhead (right past Boundary Creek Campsite)

The ride varies between 6-8 miles depending on the time of year, and may take 2-3 hours. Our guests are welcome to ride their own horses or opt to have us pick you up at trail head with our horses ($275 per rider-round trip).

We recommend that children be at least 12 years of age or be an intermediate rider to enjoy this option!


    Option 3: Hiking In

 The third option is to hike the Sulphur Creek Trail! As with those who choose to come in on horseback, the Middle Fork Of the Salmon River Trailhead (right past Boundary Creek Campsite) is the ideal spot to park and leave your vehicle.

The trip around the Morgan Ranch and into Sulphur Creek Ranch is approximately 8 miles. The hike is determinate on your speed, but be aware that there are marshy spots along the way.