Sulphur Creek Ranch Hunts

The elk herds have increased by 100% since 2010 making our unique hunt program even more desirable. Our hunting Units are 34 and 27. 

Unit 34 is a "Capped Zone" which means there are limited tags available and those tags sell out to the public within an hour.

Those fortunate enough to hunt with us get exclusive use of the lodge and well versed guides that can hunt with or without a horse.

Our pride is in custom tailoring hunts for the desires of our hunters at the same time offering experience and expertise from our seasoned guides.

Unit 27 offers ample opportunities for the "DO it yourself" drop camp hunters.

All Drop Camp Pricing does not include the $1000 harvest fee. We share the risk in your success. If you do not harvest, no extra fee is required.

"DO it yourself" drop off within a designated mileage from the pick up location area.

$1000-$2000 per hunter

2 hunter minimum

Deluxe Drop Camp SCR sets up your camp site with the tent(s), chairs, cots, propane lanterns, kitchen with utencils, pots, and pans. Everything is provided. Hunters only need to provide personal gear and food. 

$2000-$3000 per hunter

2 hunter minimum

One of the most popular questions we receive time and time again ..."what is your success rate?". A great question, opportunity verses success?  Our 2016 bow and rifle hunters each had 100% opportunity. That's success in our world.