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The flight into Sulphur Creek


Our private airstrip is only available for landing for those overnight patrons of the lodge and drop-in breakfast or horse ride guests. 

Please do not land if you are not patronizing our services!

Our summer breakfasts are served Thursday through Monday

7:30-10:30 am.

Please respect the fact that we have overnight guests enjoying the peace and solitude of their stay and plan your arrival time accordingly.


Recommended Landing Procedures

This is a high-altitude mountain airstrip.  Sulphur Creek airstrip is only intended for use by pilots thoroughly familiar with mountain flying techniques and safe procedures for primitive airstrip operations

  • No STRAIGHT IN approaches!
  • Always overlfy runway before landing - livestock and animals in vicinit
  • Land to the west
  • Setup a left downwind with a base leg to east past knob ridge to give  you plenty of space and time to setup properly for final
  • Taxi on the gravel surfaces and beware of gopher holes in and around the parking areas
  • Have your radio on at all times unicom 122.9

PARKING - all aircraft park on the south side (barn side) of air strip if possible

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GPS Coordinates: 44°32' N, 115°21' W

Rwy: 8-26, Ldg 26, Dep 8, 3300' x 40' turf/gravel

Elev: 5835' msl, no landing fees, landing for patrons only!


Photo courtesy of Q.E.I. Publishing.  Galen L. Hanselman.  All rights reserved.