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The flight into Sulphur Creek

Sulphur Creek Ranch Crew

Arrangements and needs will be met with great care and a refreshing level of genuine enthusiam as Kiere and ValDean Schroeder welcome you to Sulphur Creek Ranch


As authentic custodians of this treasured and historical backcountry ranch, Kiere and ValDean are geared up for  their eight season. Guests comment that "they are made from the special salt of the earth".  Their love for the backcountry and all it has to offer is contagious at best!


..."We work and live most of the year in this remote location so we possess the skills and knowledge not only how to survive the conditions, but how to best involve our guests in our adventures!"

Here, you have to combine  both appreciation and respect for the harmony of nature, as it ultimately governs overs the wilderness. 

Kiere and ValDean have the driving passion few will ever comprehend.  They equally desire to reside within the pristine, yet remote, wilderness and wish to share that with their guests, assuring those most fortunate to visit will experience the Idaho Backcountry the way is has long been forgotten! 


You will be warmly and genuinely welcomed! 

Expect the unexpected! You can count on forging new friends either at the breakfast table or around the evening campfire.

You will experience pure and simple authenticity that portrays an honesty that once was a way of life!

Your stay with us will leave you with a lasting imprint as you become a part of our unique and ever growing family.